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It seems to me that one of the really important things in life is making the most of the small things. It shouldn’t have to be a special occasion to enjoy life – living well is what happens between the big moments. Lighting candles for a weeknight kitchen supper, or making spiced syrup to perk up my morning coffee is part of what makes life worth living. Now I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, and it’s important to me that it’s a lovely place to spend that time – so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite things…


I like to write my shopping list on something pretty – and it’s a good way to help Les Petites improve their French…. I got mine c/o here


These imposing candlesticks are another recently acquired favourite, again c/o not on the high street


I also really like these coasters – they’re made to imitate Victorian fireside tiles, and since no-one seems to be throwing away any beautiful Victorian tiles near me these seem like the next best thing! You can get them here


I got this gorgeous gothic fruit bowl from Past Times back in my university days – sadly they don’t sell them any more…


I have a pair of these lovely cake stands – they’re brilliant for making almost anything look special. Here they are full of meringues at one of my Christmas parties last year…


They’re by Riviera Maison, and I got them from a sweet little shop in Bath called Redwood Bay.